What are the ANDYs?

Founded in 1964, the ANDYs honor global creativity aligned with a brand. Creative agencies, production houses, portfolio school students, brand marketers and individuals submit their work.

How do I enter since you eliminated categories?

We’ve streamlined our submission process, and hope you find it much simpler than years past. Simply enter your best ideas and note whether or not you’d like our Jury to judge it beyond the idea for its craft distinction, RESET/innovation, and/or bravery.

The RESET distinction was first introduced in 2008 when the show needed a place for ideas that did not conform to any categories at the time as the industry evolves at a rapid rate and continues to do so. Work that is considered RESET is truly innovative and in recent years has heavily been represented by tangible tech products.

The Bravery distinction represents powerful creative ideas that require a leap in the minds of their makers, who make connections that no-one else thought to make and, crucially, they require a leap from the marketers who back them. This distinction was first introduced in 2014 during the ANDYs 50th Anniversary, and has since been awarded to Volkswagen, Chipotle, Burger King, Procter & Gamble and Nike.

What is required to submit an entry?

  • The entry can be in the following format: video, audio or print files – flat submission fee includes up to 3 executions as ‘one idea’. This can be the case film + the actual film, audio file + web-film, or any print combination to best demonstrate the work.
  • Vertical for context – We ask that entrants provide a vertical the submission is associated with in order to help frame the work and give context to the jury.
  • Knowledge (and acknowledgment) of which file in your submission can be used for live stream footage.
  • Three names in credits and email/phone number where the Jury can reach out LIVE should their work place. If your work does place, we will reach out to ensure full credits to live in the winner’s archive to live on indefinitely.
  • Short description about the work and any additional context the Jury should know (200-word max). There is an Optional section for Additional context; this is where you can submit a URL. As you have up to three executions to demonstrate the idea, we recommend placing all relevant information into your films directly.

What are the highest distinctions?

Besides a prestigious spot on the industry prominent list of winners, all work that places is in contention to compete for the Show’s highest honor of Best-In-Show, The GRAND ANDY.

All Social Good work that places will be considered for the Richard T. O’Reilly Award, our Best-In-Show for public service work.

All ideas can also be incrementally submitted to be considered for RESET/Innovation and the BRAVERY Award.

Should I enter RESET?

As in the past, there can be multiple RESET winners, unlike our other highest distinctions.

RESET ideas, push boundaries and represent true innovation and the contagious thinking which propels us forward. In recent years RESET has encompassed all technology-based creative ideas and experiences created or utilized on behalf of a brand. Closely described as tangible tech or spatial tech, activations and products can take many forms. Products absolutely must be real-world however entries will not be discredited based on scale.

Should I enter for the Bravery Award? 

We recognize that ideas representing the highest standards of contagious thinking do not contribute to our industry or culture without the support and bravery of the marketer.  We encourage more of this collaboration by highlighting the best.

The Bravery Award is limited to one marketer per year however the shortlist in this category goes on to be recognized by The ADVERTISING Club of New York’s prestigious event Brave Brands.

Tell me more about the social good distinction.

If the idea was created for a pro bono or public service client please note it by ticking the box for non-profit. If those socially conscious ideas make it to the winner’s circle, they are eligible for the best in show better known as the Richard T. O’Reilly (named for the Founder of the Partnership for a Drug-Free America) and a donation of $10,000 directly to the charity the winning work was created to promote.

What is the eligibility period?

Work must have been live between March 1, 2019 – March 1, 2020.

How is the work judged?

The ANDYs remain one, integrated Jury of hand-selected globally renowned creative leaders. All Jurors see all of the work. The work is judged and reviewed over three rounds during the week of final judging.

When is the deadline?

The initial deadline is January 29, 2020. Late fees of $250 per submission go into effect midnight PST on January 29th. A late fee of $250 is added due to the additional labor needed to review late entries before the judging week to ensure they are perfect and ready to view!

What is the new pricing structure?

Enter your first idea for a flat fee of 1500 USD.  Idea is the base of your entry. Craft is optional and does not incur any incremental fees.

All subsequent entries are a decreased flat fee of 1250 USD.

The only incremental fees are IF you would like your entry considered for RESET/Innovation or Bravery Award distinctions. Each are an incremental 500 USD.

Upon check out, a 6.6% processing fee will be applied for file uploads and processing.

Can I edit/add credits after I’ve submitted payment and completed my entries?

Yes. Get in touch with The ANDY team if there are changes to the entrant company name or client name. If the work places in the Show the ANDYs team will reach out to confirm full credits for the winners archive and press.

When does the ANDY Awards publish the nominees list?

The winning work will be revealed within the week that final judging takes place. Check for a full winners list week of April 30th, 2020.

I’m a student. 

We love students!  You represent the future of our industry.  Your ideas will receive the same attention from our Jury as those created by professional companies.  Enter your ideas for a flat fee of $100 per.  Please ensure you are using the correct entry portal to submit.  The Glenn C. Smith (Best in Show for the student competition) will receive a $10,000 Scholarship to support further studies and entry into our business.

If I want to enter the Student ANDY Awards do I have to be currently enrolled in my school/university or can I enter work from before I graduated?

Any full-time student in an accredited institution of higher learning is eligible to submit entries. Students must be currently enrolled in their university in order for their work to be eligible for the ANDY Awards.

How will I know if I have won an ANDY Award (Professional and Student)?

The winning work will be revealed within the week that final judging takes place. Check for a full winners list on April 30th, 2020. The winners list will be officially announced at our Winners Celebration in NYC. You can read more or purchase tickets, here.

How many awards are given out? There is no quota to fill for awards so the number of Winners is on merit alone and at the discretion of our Jury.  Award levels of bronze and silver have been eliminated along with categories, so each winning idea will receive a GOLD ANDY Award.  The ANDYs provide each winner with two complimentary awards for the entrant and an additional for their client or partner.

How do I change my account information from the previous year?

We do not keep the previous year’s log in information. After you register, you will receive an email with your 2020 log in information.

What is the donation box on the finalization page? 

The ANDYs are produced by the ADVERTISING Club of New York, which runs a 501-C3 Foundation which provides scholarships, grants, internships and fellowships to ensure a bright future for our industry.  We also lead the way on Diversity & Inclusion efforts, ensuring that the future is not only bright, but a reflection of all, inclusive to genders, cultures/ethnicities, orientations, and abilities.

Why do I keep getting a “file too large” error?

For assistance formatting your creative to our specs, please refer to Quickly upload your

files and select International ANDY Awards. EntryBot is in the cloud and available 24/7 from anywhere inthe world.

Why do print submissions require physical boards?

The jury prefers to judge print including graphic design and package design off-screen.

I didn’t know that! It’s too late to send! Will my work still be judged?

The work will still be judged regardless if you cannot send a board.

I entered a two or three-executions PRINT campaign. How should I send you that?

For Print Campaigns, tape each campaign together accordion style reading from left to right (horizontal) as a single unit. Number each ad within the campaign in the same sequence as indicated on the entry form.”  We ask for the work this way so we know exactly what order it should be viewed and can help to prevent the work from being separated.

Please consider the following when preparing your PRINT entries for shipment:

– Print work should be roughly A2, A3, OR A4 size.

-Print work should be mounted to a foam board.

– If not mounted, make sure to send the work flat, not rolled or bent.

– Include a copy of your invoice with your shipment.

– Your physical material must arrive to the office February 26th.

Please send print to:

The International ANDY Awards

989 Avenue of the Americas

7th Floor

New York, NY 10018

What is this barcode for and why do I need it?

If submitting physical printed materials, you will recieve a bar code along with your invoice. The barcode is how the Jury judges your print or physical pieces of work. It is found at the bottom of your print forms generated by AwardCore. Please ensure the barcode is securely attached to the front of your physical print piece on the lower left-hand side and the entry code affixed to the back.

Can I submit supplemental/additional print work to be included alongside my print or video/audio entries?

Only if it is necessary to properly judge. If you decide to send us supplemental materials, please attach

the entry form to the back so we can match it to the appropriate entry.

I’m a new entrant and I’m totally lost.

Welcome, and don’t worry!  Please contact a member of the ANDY team and we’ll help you out and

even give you a discount code to use.