2020 Jury


The International ANDY Awards are the first show of awards season and often regarded as a predictor for what work will go on to sweep other shows

Integrated Jury

The ANDYs have one integrated jury comprised of the highest caliber global creative leaders


The ANDYs celebrate bravery, innovation and contagious thinking via The Redefining Bravery Series and Bravery Award, recognizing the collaboration between creative and marketer, propelling our industry forward


The ANDYs support the future of our industry by earmarking funds towards a charitable donation to the best in show for Public Service work and a scholarship for the Student Competition winners


After 53 years the ANDYs announced the elimination of categories, the traditional money-making award show model, and returned to its roots as an idea-based competition. Further, the ANDYs went LIVE to offer the global community a transparent look into the judging process.