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The 2013 ANDY Awards
The 2013 GRANDY $50,000 Winner
Each year, the ANDY Jury selects one piece of work that is deemed to be the absolute best in show, the single representative of all the work entered in the show that year. This is the GRANDY. The GRANDY Award and the $50,000 prize is awarded to the most brilliant work of the year.

"Nike+ FuelBand" for Nike
Entrant: RGA
City: NY
Media: Mobile
Category: Toys, Games and Sports
Title: Nike+ FuelBand
Client: Nike
Producers: Alan Donnelly, Mike Klimkewicz, Avery Holden
Interaction Design: Ayca Akin, Gaurabhe Mathure
Quality Assurance: Brian Addison, Karen Molye, Leslie Chong
Creative Director: Cesar Marchetti
Technical Team Leads: Daniel Katz, Chris Thorwarth, Elad Katz
Visual Design: Ellen Pai/Noelle Newbold/Melissa Frost
VP Product Design: Ian Spalter
VP Managing Director: Jennifer Allen
Copy: Keith Byrne, Evan Maranca
Digital Studio: Kirill Yeretsky, Guy Helson, Can Misirlioglu, Mark Voelpel
Sr. Software Engineers: Niall McCormack, Fernando Mazzon
VP Technology/Strategy: Nick Coronges
Executive Creative Director, Technology: Noel Billig
Software Engineers: Pablo Bergez, Justin Blinder
Art Director: Ray Sison
Sr. Software Engineer/Solutions Architect: Robert Carlsen
Sr. Technical Director: Sune Kaae
Executive Creative Director, ID: Tara Greer
Executive Creative Director, Visual: Wade Convay

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